Consul General's Reception, 26th September 2023, Calgary

On the evening of Tuesday 26th September, at the invitation of Consul General Mme. Zhao Liying, I attended the reception, on the occasion of the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. The event, held at the Calgary Petroleum Club, was very well attended. The proceedings began with a youth choir, dressed in red tee shirts, with large panda logos, singing The National Anthem of Canada, followed by the National Anthem of The People’s Republic of China. Consul General Mme. Zhao Liying gave a very warm and welcoming speech, touching on the themes of enduring friendship and continued growing trade, between Canada and China. Morag MacLellan, VP Calgary CCFA

Calgary CCFA held another very successful dinner at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant. Guest speaker for the evening was Mr. Tony Wong, president of the centre. He gave a very informative talk on the establishment and growth of Calgary’s Chinatown, as well as the history of Chinese labour in western Canada.

Vivian and her team provided yet another outstanding dinner, recorded by our faithful resident photographer, Len Chan. Thanks Len for always being there. And thanks to Joanne for taking on arranging dinners this year, including interesting door prizes.

Hello all! Vivian and her crew have a 2nd restaurant and it is now open for business. We took a tour on Tuesday. Wow - what a wonderful place and the menu looks amazing, too - high quality. We have booked the room, and the room holds 16 people, so we are adopting a first come, first serve system. And we need a minimum of 12 to hold the price point.

Vivian and her chef are now working on the menu plan for us. The restaurant menu is mainly seafood, duck, bbq and dim sum. But we're confident other options will be provided.

The details:

May 15, 6pm.
Royal Taste Chinese Cuisine 2.0
2825 32nd Ave NE (on the south side of 32nd)
Price: $25 all in.
Plenty of free parking

Please let us know if you would like to come by May 12.

Lets celebrate Chinese New Year in style of the Year of the Rabbit.

Our next CCCFA dinner event will be January 23, 2023. There will be presentations and prizes. We have secured the (back) room at the Chinese Cultural Centre Cuisine located #88 197-1st s.w, at 6:00pm There is plenty of street parking and there are lots on the west side of the Cultural Centre.

Cost will be $30 with a subsidy from our association of $10, your meal will be $20 Members only. Guests will pay $30.

1. Tossed Sea Cucumber & Seaweed Salad
2. Peking Duck
3. Truffle Mayo Prawn
4. Sautéed Beef with Veggie & Cashew Nut in a Taro Nest
5. Hot & Sour Duck Soup
6. Lotus Root with Vegetable & Black Fungus
7. Sezchwan Pepper Chicken
8. Duck Meat Shanghai Noodle
9. Squid Stuffed with Glutinous Rice
10. Egg Yolk Sesame Ball

Please note that there is a supply concern regarding Peking Duck, Vivian will know next week if this menu will need to be revised or not. As an aside, if you wish to renew your membership for $10, Ted Foster is accepting payment. You may send him an e-transfer at fosterted@shaw.ca.
Please RSVP by Jan 20.

Best Wishes,


Our next CCCFA dinner and AGM (it was deferred from last dinner) will be at one of our more traditional haunts; the Chinese Cultural Centre Cuisine located #88 197-1st SW. at 6:00 pm on November 21. We will be in the room at the back.

There is plenty of street parking and there are lots on the west side of the Cultural Centre. Cost will be $25.

The Menu will be:

1. Peking Duck
2. Duck Soup
3. Scallop & Cuttle fish with Veggie in a Taro Nest
4. Snow Pea Leaves with Gogi Berry & Bean Curd Wrap
5. Scambled Egg with Prawns & Truffle Oil
6. Beef Short Ribs in Dried Orange Peel Sauce
7. Two Ways Gai Lan
8. Pickerel Fillet in Black Vinegar Sauce
9. Pineapple Duck Meat Fried Rice

Additionally, if you wish to renew your membership for $10, Ted Foster is accepting payment. You may send him an e-transfer at fosterted@shaw.ca. Or you can pay him directly at the event.

Please RSVP by Nov 19 if you are coming to this event.

This is just breaking, our club will offer all attending members a meal discount. Plus if you renew your membership at the same time the price will be $10+10 = $20!

Our next CCCFA event is our AGM and dinner on Monday October 24. It will take place at the Dragon Pearl Restaurant located at 1223A 9th Ave SE, in Inglewood. The dinner will be at 6:00pm.
There is street parking on 9th & 10th avenues and there is a pay lot on 9th Ave & 12th street. Cost will be $25 less subsidy of $15.

Pan fried Dumplings
Wor Wonton Soup
Braised Four Jewels
Veg Delight
Palace Chicken
Sizzling Beef
Chow Main Delight
Szechuan Pork
Salt and Pepper Seafood
Almond Chicken
Steamed Rice

Please RSVP by Oct 21 if you are coming.

We are having another CCCFA dinner on Monday July 26, at 6pm. This will take again place at the Emerald Garden Restaurant at the corner of 9th Street and 16th Avenue NW.

Parking is occasionally an issue. There is parking behind the restaurant also on the west side - behind the comic book store. (Please leave a note on your windshield with your first name, saying you’re at the restaurant). As well, there is street parking in close proximity.

The restaurant has prepared a special menu for us at an “all in” price of $25.00 with beer/wine available for $5.00. That’s with GST and gratuity included. There will be a “cashier” and one bill at each table.

Thus - important - please bring “cash”.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone!

Hi everyone! We are having a CCCFA dinner on Monday June 13, at 6pm. This will take place at the Emerald Garden Restaurant at the corner of 9th Street and 16th Avenue NW.

As we do not have a speaker, let's have a good discussion. The subject we would like to focus on is: Landfill and ecological challenges for Canada and China. There is an interesting zoom session from the Toronto CCFA group. We put a link to it on the websites for both the Federation and Calgary. Go to cccfa.ca click on news&events, it is the first article (see below to access the YouTube video).

Parking is occasionally an issue. There is parking behind the restaurant also on the west side - behind the comic book store. (Please leave a note on your windshield with your first name, saying you’re at the restaurant). As well, there is street parking in close proximity.

The restaurant has prepared a special menu for us at an “all in” price of $25.00 with beer/wine available for $5.00. That’s with GST and gratuity included. There will be a “cashier” and one bill at each table. Thus - important - please bring “cash”.

The Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association was pleased to be able to offer a presentation by Dr. You-Zhi Tang. His topic was Landfill: Alternative & Proactive Strategies and Innovative Technologies for the Air, Land and Water both for Landfill and Land Use, and Some Examples of China's Practices and Initiatives. Click on the photo for a slideshow!

Calgary CCFA Active Again - April 2022!

Thirteen CCCFA members happily met again after a nearly two year absence for dinner at Emerald Garden restaurant. Many smiles and stories were exchanged and plans were made to meet again regularly. The new owners provided their usual hearty fare with a variety of dishes and dessert for a very reasonable price of $25 including tip and tax.

Seating was well spaced at two large tables in the back of the restaurant. Those who felt comfortable still masked when not eating and drinking. Look for regular dinners starting again next month.

I can’t wait to see you all back again once the Covid risks abate enough for all to feel comfortable together again.

Sheila Foster

See the PHOTOS page for pictures from the event.

We would like to invite you all to join me on Zoom for a celebration of the Year of the Tiger which begins Friday Feb 1. Let us meet Sunday January 30th at 4pm to share a delicious Shanghai noodle dish, each in our own home. Long noodles for longevity.

We can share memories of past Chinese New Year celebrations, and hopes for getting together again in person. Wear your celebration red! Please RSVP to me so I can send you a Zoom link, and let you into the Zoom meeting.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well at home while we sit out this horrid C19 pandemic. I have really enjoyed hearing from some of you from time to time and look forward to catching up.

Sheila Foster,
President, Calgary Canada-China Friendship Association

We are excited to announce that we will be holding our first dinner event on November 24, 2021 at 6:00 pm. The place is Emerald Gardens Restaurant. 1006 16th Ave NE. We are presently arranging a menu and confirming pricing and will send out another notice with this once we have it. We will follow the restaurant Covid rules to provide proof of vaccination with QR code.

Hello everyone, this is a reminder that it is time for the CCFA Annual General Meeting. It will be held on Monday, November 8, 2021 at 5pm via Zoom. If you are interested in joining the call and being part of the action, please let Sheila know via email that you would like to attend. She will then send you a separate email with the Zoom link.

Please review the attachments above from last year's meetings, plus the agendas have been included. Hope to see you there!

The Chinese economy achieved significant results in combating COVID-19 and promoting social & economic advancements in the first half of 2021. You can find more about this in the letter from Consul General Ms. LU Xu in the attachment, and other news from China via the following links:

Economic Watch: Global financial giants expand footprint in China amid further opening-up

Overseas investors swear by local stocks

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Holds Briefing on COVID-19 Origin-Tracing for Diplomatic Envoys

This excellent presentation with important facts about the relationship. between China and Canada is available on YouTube. Chairing the panel was Dr. Wenran Jiang, Advisor, Asia Program, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy. Also speaking: PRC Ambassador Cong and Sheila Foster, President, FCCFA and CCCFA

Click the link to view the presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaVhj4kxUVo

The Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries will hold a webinar celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Tuesday morning, May 11, 9:30 a.m. (Beijing time). TCCFA president Warren Bethune is one of the speakers. Click the link for more details: https://federation.tripod.com/BeijingWebinar.html

To CCCFA and FCCFA members

We are sad to report that Sheila Power, long time member, treasurer and past president of CCCFA passed away last week. She also played a major part in the development and running of the Kerby Centre involved in senior affairs.

I accompanied Sheila on a couple of trips to China, including the memorable visit to Lhasa in Tibet. We had to search for just the right jade tiger on a red string for her grandson Mackenzie, about 8 at the time. Also I had to find a Yak Yak Yak T-shirt for her when she, and 10 of our party, was forced to fly out of Lhasa early due to high altitude sickness. I was tasked with also finding Tibetan necklaces in Lhasa market, for her two daughters Karoline and Beverley.

She was a devoted grandmother, taking each of her grandchildren on special trips, which I am sure were a highlight of their young lives. CCCFA owes a debt of gratitude for the many years of Sheila’s service. Fortunately she was able to attend our 40th anniversary dinner a few years back.


Sheila Foster, President Calgary CCFA


We thank everyone who joined us on Zoom for a celebration of the Year of the Ox which took place on Friday, February 12. Attendees shared a delicious Shanghai noodle dish (recipe compliments of Trevor Liu in Globe& Mail attached) each in their own home. They shared memories of Chinese New Year celebrations past and hoped to get together again in person soon.

We hope all CCCFA members are staying safe and well, and enjoying summer at home this year. We thank everyone who joined us again on a Zoom get-together on Monday July 27 from 4:30-6pm.

Topic: Be ready to show and tell fellow members (in 3 minutes or so) about something in your home which reminds you of China and has given you joy during our stay-home Spring/Summer 2020.

Reports: 11 members attended and shared some beautiful memories of China and visits to many different parts of China. Especially touching was the photo of James & Meng’s wedding and hearing about the most special day in their lives. Morag shared memories of adopting Anna and the excited anticipation of her arrival after almost 3 years waiting. Princeton shared memories of visiting a museum in his wife’s home inTaiwan for the first time. Alice shared photos from her trip to China just last year.

Joanne, reminding us of her mother Joan’s enthusiasm for our group, celebrated the anniversary of her death today and a life well lived, as well as the photo of her in Miao costume in China. Ted showed us his Uiger knife. Tony told us about his special teacup and his favourite Chinese tea. Donna shared the intricate two-sided silk embroidered decorative stand with glistening orange fighting fish. Sheila shared the 3-piece ancient set of seals under a bronze dragon, turtle and bird. In total: a feast for the imaginations and eyes.

16 people registered and 12 attended our first Zoom CCCFA meeting. We will continue to offer Zoom sessions to keep in touch with members for the balance of 2020. For security reasons, we will only allow entry to the meeting for those who have RSVP'ed in advance.

CCCFA events are on hold until the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided enough for health authorities to permit larger gatherings. In the meantime, here is a very insightful Vancouver Sun article .

Unfortunately our events will be postponed due to Covid-19 until the health authorities allow normal activities to resume. CCCFA President Sheila Foster has an important message for our members. You can read it HERE . Stay safe and be sure to practice social distancing!

CCCFA Dim Sum Lunch February 23 Year of the Rat

Hello everyone,

It is confirmed, our next CCFA Dim Sum Event is on February 23 at 1 pm. We are starting fresh with this date. Please reply if you are interested in going. Deadline is Feb 21, 2020.

We will also collect the annual dues. Joanne will be collecting $10 pp.

The menu is:
Steam shrimp dumpling (har Gow)
Shrimp spring roll
B.B.Q pork bun
Grilled pork dumpling
Shanghai pork dumpling
Salt and pepper squid
Garlic veggie
Beef fried rice
Spareribs chow mein
Mung bean pudding

We will meet at 1pm. Dinner served at 1:30pm. The cost is $20.00 (tax and tip in) for members and $30.00 for guests.

We will be at the Chinese Cultural Centre Cuisine, lower level #88, 197 - 1st Street, Calgary T2P 4M4. There is plenty of free street parking.

Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating the Spring Festival and the Year of the Rat! May you have a peaceful year full of good fortune!

Consul General Mme. Lu Xu and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra jointly sponsored a glorious concert at the Jack Singer Hall. About 30 CCCFA and Friends in Mandarin (also ShouLaShou families) as guests of MMe. Lu attended the concert, which featured a brilliant young Chinese violinist and traditional Chinese instruments. We thank everyone involved for a very wonderful evening! See the 'PHOTOS' page for highlights.

The Chinese Consulate General in Calgary unveiled its official Twitter account! They hope the Account further enhances the communications between them and all sectors in their consular jurisdictions, promotes bilateral exchanges and collaborations, and enriches the local community's understanding of China.

“Feel China's pulse at your fingertips!”

Twitter Handle: Chinese Consulate General in Calgary

Link: https://twitter.com/ChinaCGCalgary

You are more than welcome to follow!

Calgary Hong Kong Business Association

President Sheila and Treasurer Ted Foster and director Helen Yau attended a Best of the Best Competition at the Hong Kong Business Association on November 27. Young tech companies from Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver presented their case for selection as candidates to go to Hong Kong and vie for the US$150,000 prize in Hong Kong. Co-presenter was Valhalla Private Capital, represented by Luke Krueger.

Emily Mo, Director, HK Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) said: “Hong Kong is the best gateway to Asia, a legendary enterprise incubator with supportive government programs, and the most dynamic destination for emerging Canadian businesses. With these progressive policies, growth is expected to continue. The fundamentals are strong and it is a safe, open and welcoming city.”

Emily had been guest speaker at the Ottawa chapter meeting earlier in the month.

Emily Mo, Luke Krueger, Sheila Foster

We wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday season and look forward to welcoming you to our second Chinese New Year Dim Sum on February 2, 2020!

CCFA Dinner Dec 2, 2019 and Chinese New Year Invitation for January 18, 2020

Good Day Everyone: Please read the entire message below as it includes a special invitation for all of us to attend Chinese New Year Event, there is a deadline that is fast approaching to reply!

Our CCFA dinner took place on Dec 2, 2019 at the Chinese Cultural Centre Cuisine and we thank everyone who attended. There was a presentation by our own Karen Patterson. and the dinner included B.B.Q Pork, Peking Duck, and Steamed Abalone with Garlic Sauce

The deadline has passed but we thank all of those who responded to the invitation.

***From the Desk of the President - Sheila Foster***

To members of Calgary CCFA,

We are once again invited to a concert by PRC Consul General Wu Xu at Jack Singer Concert Hall. Everyone who attended the Chinese National Day concert enjoyed it very much. Please note the cutoff date for responses is Dec 3 so please get your reply to me by Dec 1. If you wish to bring a guest, please include their name and email. Note: tickets will be distributed by eticket and I will send those out in January when received.

Sheila Foster,
President, Calgary CCFA

"Dear friend, The Chinese Consulate General in Calgary is honored to partner with the Calgary Philharmonic Symphony in hosting the 2020 Lunar New Year Concert at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at Jack Singer Concert Hall (225 8 Ave SE, Calgary).This concert, featuring innovative orchestral arrangements of traditional Chinese folk songs, including the beloved Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto, not only showcases leading contemporary composers and musicians in East Asia and Academy Award-winning Tan Dun’s thrilling YouTube-commissioned Internet Symphony in a festive atmosphere, but also makes a great opportunity to connect with our friends from various circles and the Chinese communities.

The Consulate cordially invites you, your family, your friends, your colleagues and their families (kids of 12 years old and up) to join us. Please fill in and return the attached registration Form via email by 3rd Dec. 2019 to register, so we can email the e-ticket to you around mid Jan. 2020.

We look forward to your presence to celebrate this joyful festival together."

Thanks to everyone who came to our CCFA dinner and AGM on Oct 7, 2019. We had a short meeting before dinner and an interesting presentation by our own Daisy Tong after the meal. Daisy provided us with a brief Chinese architecture tour.

"I have selected representation of influential, stunning and representative modern architecture recently built in China. I am greatly passionate on contributing my professional knowledge to facilitate our members’ better understanding of Chinese architecture, culture and history".

The dinner consisted of:

Peking Duck
Duck Soup with Dry Seafood
Deep Fried Shrimp Ball
Beef Tenderloin in a Taro Nest Scrambled Egg White with Scallop Topped with Rare Egg Yolk
Snow Pea Leaves with Wolfberry
Egg Tofu with Egg Plant & Anchovy
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet
Szechwan Pepper Chicken
Pineapple Duck Meat Fried Rice

The Chinese Consulate General in Calgary and the Calgary Central Library will co-host an October Chinese Film Festival in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Details of the event include:

-- A public screening of Big Fish And Begonia will be presented at 2 PM on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019, in the Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall at the Central Library. To register for this free screening, please visit https://events.calgarylibrary.ca/prog…/online-registration/…|1 and secure your ticket.

-- The Consulate funded the Library to increase its collections of classic Chinese movie DVDs including "The Big Fish and Begonia", "Black Coal, Thin Ice", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Ip Man 2", and "Bao", which can be borrowed from Oct. 5th.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Consulate General in Calgary hosted a concert at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, September 23, 2019, at Jack Singer Concert Hall (225 8 Ave SE, Calgary). A group of CCCFA members attended this excellent evening and were astounded by the erhu player in particular and the beautiful melding of eastern and western culture reflected in the program.

We were pleased to again host a DimSum event on Sunday afternoon at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant, where we are permanent residents for our events now. It was great to see some of our alumni of the ShouLShou program. Gail and Joanne did a great AV presentation of their attendance at Forum 2018 in November. The topic was the Belt and Road Maritime Route. See more pictures at the Photos Page.


Happy Spring Everyone.

Did you know that June 3 is the 1st day of the 5th lunar month. The dragon boat festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month which is June 7, Friday. So, Monday June 3 is an auspicious day! On this auspicious day we had our next CCFA dinner where guest speaker Cissy Lou, an expert Panda keeper from Calgary Zoo, and her colleague Margret shared a really interesting show-and-tell on their furry charges. See the Photos Page for pictures!

CCFA New Year's Dim Sum - Feb 3, 2019

It was a great time at our Chinese NY DimSum Lunch yesterday at Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre to welcome the year of the Pig. 60 members, new and prospective members enjoyed a wonderful array of dishes prepared for us by Vivian at the Cultural Centre Restaurant. We were joined by many of the families with their adopted Chinese daughters, now many beautiful young ladies. Most went home with one of the many lovely door prizes. We should try to make this our annual celebration together.


Happy New Year! Calgary members enjoyed another outstanding festive season meal at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant. We had a short presentation from Gail Closson and Joanne MacLean on the Forum trip to Hainan Island. They let us us all taste a special drink from that region, which is made into both a concentrated juice and a tea! They also presented door prizes from their trip and beautiful calendars compliments of the restaurant. Thanks to everyone who attended and see you at your next event for 2019!

Calgary CCFA celebrated the mid-Autumn Festival and PRC National Day at their dinner Sep 24th at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant. We feasted on: Peking Duck, Duck Soup with Fish Maw, Sauteed chicken & cuttlefish with vegetable in a taro nest, Shrimp coated with egg yolk sauce, Fresh pineapple sweet & sour pork, Threesome tofu, House special Soya chicken, Fried longevity noodle, plus dessert and tea!

Our short AGM was followed by a slide show of Fosters’ colourful 2002 harvest season trip to Kunming and Guizhou. We are pleased the Federation will send a full 10-person delegation to the November Forum in Hainan Island, and that Gail Closson and Joanne MacLean will represent Calgary on that delegation. It was announced dinner meetings will be planned for first Mondays of alternate months on Dec 3, Feb 4, June 3, Oct 7 and Dec 2. Thanks to outgoing Secretary Kelly Wan for her faithful service as a director and more importantly gift buyer extraordinaire. Welcome to new board members Joanne MacLean and Alice Shay.

Sheila Foster

P.S. Everyone took home a special moon cake from the variety of fruit and nut cakes, to rabbit-shaped custard cakes and special pig shaped cakes in woven baskets. Thanks to Gail for arranging another wonderful culinary spread with restauranteur Vivian.

The Chinese People's Association for Friendship Association with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) will host the 8th Friendship Forum in Haikou City, Hainan Province from November 22nd to November 24th this year. The theme of the Friendship Forum is "Building Maritime Silkroad, Promoting Common Development". As you may recall, the Maritime Silkroad is the Belt Road Initiative of which CCF