Invitation to a Webinar

A Century of Friendship towards a Shared Future
The Communist Party of China and Foreign Friends

Greetings from Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Over the past one hundred years since the founding of the Communist Party of China, we have received tremendous help from foreign friends across the world, whether in the course of our fight fornational independence and liberation, or all along our social, economic development and the reform and opening-up. To celebrate our friendship of a century and honor their enormous contribution, Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries together with China Society for People’s Friendship Studies and International Committee fo rthe Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives are hosting a Webinar -The Communist Party of China and Foreign Friends”. The webinar is scheduled from 09:30 to 11:30 am on May 11th(Beijing Time>.

It is our great honor to invite you to attend the webinar online. Thank you for your support and attention and we look forward to meeting you online.

Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

I. Agenda

09:30 Remarks by the hosts

1.Leader of BPAFFC
2.Mr. Jiang Jiang, Vice President of CPAFFC
3.Mme. He Liliang, Advisor to PFS
4.Mr. Liu Xinsheng, Vice President of PFS

10:00 Speeches –Looking Back on Memorable Years

1.Mr. Michael Crook, Chair of Gung Ho-ICCIC, son of Mme. Isabel Crook and Mr. David Crook
2.Mme. Elspyth Sandys, niece of Rewi Alley
3.Mme. Zheng Xiaoti, daughter of Mr. Zheng Lyucheng
4.Mr. Warren Bethune, representative of Bethune family and President of CCFS-Toronto Chapter
5.Mr. Jim Lindsay, son of Mr. Michael Lindsay
6.Mr. Dehua Muller, son of Dr. Hans Mueller and Kyoko Nakamura

10:30 Ten-Minute’ Break

10:40 Speeches – Working Together for a Shared Future

1.Mr. David Bromwich, Laureate of Friendship Award of China, President of NZCFS
2.Mme. Sidne Ward, President of ESMF
3.Mr. Megumi Sunahara, PLA soldier of Japanese origin
4.Mr. Abilash Sarma, son of P.V. Sarma
5.Mr. Colin Mackerras, Laureate of Friendship Award of China
6.Mr. David Ferguson, Senior English Editor of CIPG

11:20 Concluding Remarks

II. Language of the Webinar

Chinese/English (with simultaneous interpretation)

III. Zoom Meeting Information


The webinar starts at 09:30 am May 11 (Beijing Time). Please log in at least 20 minutes in advance with your real name.

We will provide simultaneous interpretation in English and Chinese. When the speaker is speaking in English, please use Original Audio in the Language Interpretation. When the speaker is speaking in Chinese, please click English in the Language Interpretation. Please mute yourself all the time during the webinar.

IV. Registration Form

We look forward to your reply. Please send the registration form below to the E-mail: beijing_ngo@126.com

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