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Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association

The Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association (TCCFA) is an association to promote friendship and understanding between the Canadian and Chinese people. To this end, we organize public meetings which highlight speakers on China-related topics, organize social events for visiting scholars and students from China and publish TCCFA Networking, a newsletter dealing with topical subjects on China. In cooperation with other Friendship Associations, we host delegations fom China and organize tours to China.

Some members of the TCCFA were born and raised in China and some have never been there. Some are recognized authorities on Chinese arts, history and politics; many have no special knowledge. A common bond brings us together as friends of China.

TCCFA is affiliated with the Federation of Canada-China Friendship Associations (FCCFA). The FCCFA unites Friendship Associations in Toronto, Ottawa, Manitoba, Calgary and Victoria.

On The Chinese side, the corresponding organization is the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC, or 'Youxie' in Chinese). Youxie is associated with their Foreign Ministry; there are local Friendship Association branches in each Chinese province and in all large cities. Youxie maintains relations with Friendship Associations in many countries around the world.

Becoming a member of the TCCFA enables you to participate in the activities we stage as well as receive the TCCFA Networking newsletter.

To join, send us your name, address and telephone number to:

Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association
543 Markham Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 2L6

The cost for a one year membership is $25 for individuals, $35 for families, $50 for sustaining members and $15 for students & seniors. Please send a check along with your personal information.

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