We thank Consul General Mme. Zhao Liying for inviting the CCCFA to the reception for the occasion of the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the Peopleís Republic of China.

Our latest Dinner was recorded by our faithful resident photographer, Len Chan. Thanks Len for always being there. And thanks to Joanne for taking on arranging dinners this year, including interesting door prizes.

It was another wonderful evening together. 20 CCCFA members attended dinner at Vivianís new restaurant and enjoyed an exciting menu created by chef Peter. We welcomed a guest from Singapore and her Calgary host to our dinner. Thanks to everyone who came out for a wonderful evening of good food and better company!

Calgary CCCFA Chinese New Year Dinner Jan 23/23

Twenty-one members gathered at the hub of Chinatown- the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant (CCCR) - for an outstanding Chinese New Year celebration. Vivian and Chef Peter did us proud, with many imaginative dishes, as well as the festive Peking duck in three courses.

We welcomed new members and guests to the dinner and look forward to seeing more of them at our events in future. Most people went home with a gift from the prize draw, thanks to Joanne and Alice for sourcing those. Thanks to Len we have photos of the occasion. Our guests for the event to talk about plans for Chinatown were John Dong and Danny Ng, President and Director, of the Sien Lok Society. We will invite a member of the Calgary City Hall team to a dinner in future to hear more on this topic.

The executive later met to plan dinners for each month in 2023. Altevery two months, they will be with a speaker at the CCCR. The other months we will have events or dinners at alternative locations. One of the future plans is to attend the Heritage Park display in April about the growth of Chinatown. We will meet for lunch beforehand at the Heritage Park restaurant. Our guide for the exhibit will be one of the creator, Dale Lee Kwong, whose family are represented in the exhibit.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit to you all!
Sheila Foster

Thirteen CCCFA members happily met again after a nearly two year absence for dinner at Emerald Garden restaurant. Many smiles and stories were exchanged and plans were made to meet again regularly. The new owners provided their usual hearty fare with a variety of dishes and dessert for a very reasonable price of $25 including tip and tax.


A happy group of Calgary CCFA members joined on Zoom to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Ox on Feb 12th. Sheila Foster, President, invited members to all prepare the Shanghai noodle recipe sent to members beforehand. Edmonton member Anne demonstrated making Jiaozu, an important family activity for New Year.

Sad that we could not enjoy one of Vivianís great feasts at the Cultural Centre restaurant, we nevertheless look forward to a proper celebration together in 2022 and a return of the Chinatown festival. Members shared memories of past Chinese New Year events, their favorite foods, and most remembered to wear their festive reds! Gail shared interesting details about this particular Year of the Ox from her research.

We are enjoying the Calgary Consul Generalís 3-day virtual celebration, watching cultural performances and gourmet food demonstrations on line. All helps to break up this glacial period we have endured the past two weeks in Calgary - with temperatures around -40 and even lower!

Photos: Display board from past events
Shanghai noodles and stir fried veggies with sweet chili sauce
With the beautiful paper cut 4 intertwines fish NY card from Consul General Lu Xu.

Consul General Mme. Lu Xu and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra jointly sponsored a glorious concert at the Jack Singer Hall on Saturday, January 18, 2020.

About 30 CCCFA and Friends in Mandarin (also ShouLaShou families) as guests of MMe. Lu attended the concert, which featured a brilliant young Chinese violinist and traditional Chinese instruments.

Sheila Foster,
President, CCCFA

Background: Power of Art - Dec 2/19

Member Karen Patterson gave the Calgary chapter a fascinating presentation of her 2005 artwork Background. She completed this as part of her photography projects while teaching in Beijing for several years.

Thanks to everyone who came to our CCFA dinner and AGM on Oct 7, 2019. We had a short meeting before dinner, and a interesting presentation by our own Daisy Tong after dinner. She provided us with a brief Chinese architecture tour.

"I have selected representation of influential, stunning and representative modern architecture recently built in China. I am greatly passionate on contributing my professional knowledge to facilitate our membersí better understanding of Chinese architecture, culture and history", stated Ms. Tong.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Consulate General in Calgary hosted a concert at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, September 23, 2019, at Jack Singer Concert Hall (225 8 Ave SE, Calgary).

The medalist of the French Order of Arts and Letters and multi-award-winning erhu master Guo Gan, along with the Civic Symphony, indigenous singer songwriter Mme. Sandra Sutter, Chinese - Calgarian pianist Jessica Yuen, and Albertan ballerina Sarah Tabler, will present Chinese and Western masterpieces that reflect the blending of the two cultures and their mutual inspiration.

A group of CCCFA members attended this excellent evening and were astounded by the erhu player in particular and the beautiful melding of eastern and western culture reflected in the program.

We were pleased to again host a DimSum event on Sunday afternoon at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant, where we are permanent residents for our events now. It was great to see some of our alumni of the ShouLShou program (photo 1.) Gail and Joanne did a great AV presentation of their attendance at Forum 2018 in November. The topic was the Belt and Road Maritime Route. They also toured the whole island of Hainan, Chinaís tropical answer to Hawaii.

Then they spent a week on a post-Forum tour of Guilin, Kaili (home of the Miao peoples - or Hmong as they are known in nearby Vietnam), and Chongqing, gateway to the Yangtze River cruises. Thanks as always to resident photograph historian, Len Chang.

Photos: -Gail and ShouLa Shou family members -The intriguing osmanthus and berry jello dessert. - Forum and tour photos and maps.

Another good evening together for the Calgary CCFA group. Guest speaker Cissy Lou is an expert Panda keeper from Calgary zoo. She and colleague Margret shared a really interesting show-and-tell on her furry charges. The two cubs born in Toronto are nearly 4 and will be sent to China in October to hopefully become part of their very successful breeding program. Meanwhile mama panda (which translates as big cat bear) has been artificially inseminated so baby panda watch is on for October this year. Fingers crossed.

We heard in detail of the trials and tribulations of raising these picky eaters, picky mating companions and often lousy parents! And the economic burden of hosting these visitors. But oh, all the oohs and aahs when we watched the videos and photos of them all. WE encourage members who have not yet visited the amazing panda exhibit to get there before the youngsters go home.

Again, an outstanding dinner at the Chinese Cultural Centre care of Vivian our host.

Calgary CCFA executive were recently hosted for lunch at the home of Alice Shay.

Shown are (top Sheila Foster, James Huang, Joanne MacLean, Morag MacLellan, Ted Foster.
Bottom: Alice Shay included (2nd from right) Missing was social director Gail Closson, holidaying in Italy.

Thanks to everyone for their support and ideas for the future of our association.

Sheila Foster, President

Chinese New Year Dim Sum Lunch
February 2018

It was a great time at our Chinese New Year Dim Sum Lunch at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre to welcome the Year of the Pig. 60 members, new and prospective members enjoyed a wonderful array of dishes prepared for us by Vivian at the Cultural Centre Restaurant. We were joined by many of the families with their adopted Chinese daughters, now many beautiful young ladies. Most went home with one of the many lovely door prizes. We should try to make this our annual celebration together.

Holiday Dinner
December 2018

Calgary members enjoyed another outstanding festive season meal at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant. We had a short presentation from Gail Closson and Joanne MacLean on the Forum trip to Hainan Island. They let us us all taste a special drink from that region, which is made into both a concentrated juice and a tea! They also presented door prizes from their trip and beautiful calendars compliments of the restaurant.

Mid-Autumn Festival and PRC National Day Dinner
September 24, 2018

Calgary CCFA celebrated the Calgary CCFA celebrated the mid-Autumn Festival and PRC National Day at their dinner on September 24th at the Chinese Cultural Centre Restaurant. We feasted on: Peking Duck, Duck Soup with Fish Maw, Sauteed chicken & cuttlefish with vegetable in a taro nest, Shrimp coated with egg yolk sauce, Fresh pineapple sweet & sour pork, Threesome tofu, House special Soya chicken, Fried longevity noodle, plus dessert and tea!

Our short AGM was followed by a slide show of Fostersí colourful 2002 harvest season trip to Kunming and Guizhou. We are pleased the Federation will send a full 10-person delegation to the November Forum in Hainan Island, and that Gail Closson and Joanne MacLean will represent Calgary on that delegation.

It was announced dinner meetings will be planned for first Mondays of alternate months on Dec 3, Feb 4, June 3, Oct 7 and Dec 2. Thanks to outgoing Secretary Kelly Wan for her faithful service as a director and more importantly gift buyer extraordinaire. Welcome to new board members Joanne MacLean and Alice Shay.

Sheila Foster

P.S. Everyone took home a special moon cake from the variety of fruit and nut cakes, to rabbit-shaped custard cakes and special pig shaped cakes in woven baskets. Thanks to Gail for arranging another wonderful culinary spread with restauranteur Vivian.

August 25, 2018

Sheila and Ted attended Consul General Luís reception for China Night at Calgaryís International Globalfest and fireworks competition on August 25. Photos of Fosters with CGís personal assistant, fireworks, the China pavilion and China dance show.

May 28, 2018

Here are some photos from our very special Panda Welcome Dinner on May 29. We thank everyone who attended and also congratulate our prize winners. It was a wonderful evening of good food, better company and those cute pandas!

Map of China indicating Nanchang with PRC consuls
Newest and youngest member Tom, Eve and Zoe
Intricate bamboo salad
Duck cold plate
Chicken, vegetables and bamboo fungus
Panda display
Nora and panda presentation
Prize draw and winner
Draw prizes
Thank you gifts for Kira and Aurora
Members enjoy exchanges

President Sheila Foster attended the ribbon cutting for Consul Generalís event to open the exhibit at City Hall Apr 27.

Photos clockwise: With CG Lu Xu; panda model maker (panda paper cutter was also there); with Edmonton CCFA president; ribbon cutting with Mayor Nenshi; Consul Xiao with daughter and pandas; with brush painting honoring pandas.

There was a bit too much snow for Mackenzie Kinnaird to make it from school to our Chinese New Year dinner. But she later enjoyed the beautiful book of Chinese stamps presented to her (via mom Mary) that evening. Thanks for providing the photograph!

February 5, 2018

Here are some photos from our very successful Chinese New Year dinner. Thanks to Angela and CIBC for the donation of a crystal dog which was raffled off. Our 4 dogs gathered for a photo opportunity. One of them got carried away with the pork knuckle bone! We enjoyed Lindaís memories of teaching in China and will welcome her back again in future to tell us more about her many and varied experiences all over China.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a memorable evening.

Sheila Foster

Monday December 4, 2017

We had a wonderful evening last night feasting on the creative dishes of the Chinese Cultural Restaurant Team. Sheila held our AGM (minutes to follow) and we finally watched a very informative video on Bamboo - and for those of you who remember, it worked this time! We also welcomed a new member, James Huang. He came from Winnipeg just 2 weeks ago and has lots of experience with CCFA. Thank you to our guests Ken, Yoyo, Dorothy and John. You all made it more special.

1. James Haung has joined our executive as a director
2. New members Ken and Yoyo enjoy joining our group
3-6 Vivian and her chef dreamed up some special dishes for our lat dinner of the year and AGM.

It was a wonderful Chinese National Day celebration and hearty welcome for the new Consul General Mme. LU Xu and her husband Mr. HE Jun. Seen here welcoming Mme. Lu are CCCCFA directors Morag MacLellan and Kelly Wan at the Calgary Cultural Centre.

Monday October 16, 2017

Fall is truly here. Our dinner theme on October 16 was based on the Autumn/harvest time. It was held at the Chinese Cultural Centre Cuisine and we thank everyone who joined us for this festive event. We thank Vivian and her team for the exciting menu they put together!

Peking Duck (skin with pancake)
B.b.q pork and soya chicken with jelly fish
Duck Soup with dry scallop
Honey pepper beef tenderloin
Spicy squid tentacle
Steamed egg tofu stuffed with shrimp paste
Sweet and sour pork
Lohon style mixed vegetable
Steamed fish
Pineapple duck meat fried rice

After dinner, our guests were able to watch a short award- winning documentary on what life is like for the younger generation in China.

The Calgary Herald is honoring 150 notable Canadian builders in a series this month. Chester Ronning was awarded Friendship Ambassadorship from Beijing and we are proud to recognize his contribution to the Canada/China Friendship association. You can read more HERE .

Chester Ronning
Born: Dec. 13, 1894 (Died: Dec. 31, 1984)
Occupation: Diplomat and politician

Ronning was a member of the UFA government in the 1930s, promoting the CCF movement, later becoming the first CCF leader in Alberta. But it was as a diplomat that he had his greatest impact. He served many posts, including in China, Norway, India and the U.N., and is noted for helping open and maintain relations with China. He also served as acting head of the delegations to the Geneva Conferences on Korea, and Laos, and was a special envoy to Hanoi and Saigon in 1966, where he tried to help negotiate an end to the Vietnam War.

His legacy continues at the Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life at the University of Albertaís Augustana campus in Camrose. Notable: When Ronning attended the U of A, he had to travel by horse from Valhalla (in Grande Prairie County) to Edmonton along the ĎEdson Trailí.

Monday June 5, 2017

On Monday June 5, we returned to old favourite Regency Palace for a dinner and video presentation about the link between man and the land in Yunnan province. Sadly, this is the last dinner our friend Consul Wang Xiaoqing and son Tom will attend, before returning to Beijing this summer. Consul Wang has been a firm a supporter of our dinners, donating many wonderful books for our members to enjoy and learn about China. We wish them both much success in her new posting. We also welcomed back Consul Chi, and hope she will be our contact with the Consulate in future."

Photos: 1. Secretary Kelly Wan with Yunnan tea door prize.
2. Tom selects door prize winners with social director Gail Closson.
3. Consuls Chi and Wang.
4. Rice planting in Yunnan.
5. Consul Wang, Tom and president Sheila

May 2017

The CCFA celebrates Asian Heritage Month with a festive event! Photo 2 has Sheila and Ted Foster, President & Treasurer, and the last photo has CCCFA member Princeton Lau with Sheila & Ted Foster at the reception. We thank everyone who attended our celebration and enjoyed the festivities. At the Asian Heritage Foundation, the vision is to create a more inclusive and equitable society in Southern Alberta that is increasingly inclusive and reflective of all cultures, and where the history, stories, and contributions of Canadians of Asian Heritage are fully recognized in the Canadian public consciousness.

April 23, 2017

CCCFA members had a fantastic time and food at Yangtze Restaurant last Sunday April 23, a new venue for us. Everyone enjoyed the Dim Sum, and especially those little egg tarts! After lunch, Kelly talked about springtime customs in China, and shared her familyís experiences with us.

Vivian Morgan from Asian Heritage Foundation joined us for lunch to tell us about the exciting upcoming events planned for Canada's 150th birthday year. It highlights the important role played by Asian immigrants to the growth of our nation.There will be a few events in May that you can check out at http://www.asianheritagecalgary.com/events.

The kickoff event is on May 11th and will feature some wonderful opportunities to share this heritage. See the details online for the reception and concert. Or refer to the press release and launch poster. You can attend the one or both, but the concert has a fee - tickets for the concert can be obtained on the link below.

We encourage you all to participate in these exciting events. We are also circulating information on how our members can share YOUR story of the Canada/China experience. We look forward to seeing members at these events!

In the last picture, the President tries Chicken feet. Kelly says the cholesterol in them is good for the complexion!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Welcome Year of the Rooster!

Calgary CCCFA welcomed past and new members and guests to another very successful Chinese New Year dinner at Tai Pan restaurant. Traditionally starting with the excellent Peking Duck, we enjoyed a variety of dishes created by Vivienne, along with old favourites like steamed tilapia, crispy chicken and duck lettuce wraps. Also titillating our appetites were adventurous new creations of scallop stuffed dumplings, Lotus root soup, snow pea tips with duck feet and mushrooms, topped off with love bird fried rice.

On an evening where temperatures went down to -28 overnight, we were glad everyone braved the roads and weather to join us. Nearly everyone went home with a door prize, and the beautiful crystal rooster donated by Angela Chu from CIBC was auctioned off, going home with lucky new member Helen Yau. We enjoyed a selection of Chinese wines to kick off the year of the rooster.

Thanks to all who came out and made this another successful event.

Sheila Foster


The pictures include: President Sheila Foster with Cosul Chi, VP Morag, Consul Wang and son Tom, Guest speakers Paul and Jana Call, Secretary Kelly and new members Audrey, Helen and King, Treasurer Ted and Consul Chi, Shrimp with salted egg yolk sauce Scallop stuffed taro dumplings, Lucky prizewinner and Aurora, Guests Dave and Linda, Duck feet, mushrooms and snow pea tips, President Sheila Foster with Consul Wang and son Tom, Prizewinner Agostino, Director Gail with Tom drawing numbers, Handsome CIBC crystal rooster (auctioned off),

Click HERE for more highlights and photos!