MAY 14-16, 2014

Attended by Sheila Foster (President) and Michael Copeland (Past President) of FCCFA, May 11-19, 2014

Report from Michael Copeland in PDF Format (click)

May 11-12: Travel to Beijing from Calgary and Toronto, staying at Beijing Capital Hotel,3 Tianmen East Street (very central)

May 13: 8am-2pm Visit to new Communist Party Headquarters by Michael, Sheila and Bernie Frolic, Prof. Emeritus, YorkU. Meeting with International Dept., North American Bureau staff, contact Jiang Lin* (First Secretary), attended by 10 staff including Zhou Rongguuo (Dep. Director General), later lunch hosted by Director General Ma Hui.
*Note: Sheila will host Jiang Lin and son in Calgary June 11 and 12 on a personal visit.

May 14 Registration for Conference. Meet with CPAFFC North American staff
- SF: Meet with Calgary Consul Deng XuGuang.
- Lunch with First Lady and delegates from Micronesia.
- 3:30-7pm: Open House Reception and Buffet Dinner at CPAFFC Headquarters for all international guests. Our group consists of Canada (2), NZ (8), Australia (2), Tahiti (2).
Tour of new museum, gardens, A/V of CPAFFC history.

May 15: 9:30-12noon: Tour of Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, “City of Eternity” movie about Beijing, scale lit model of Beijing, current and planned.
Lunch meeting with USCPFA President Diane Greer and past president Barbara Harrison.
1:30- 5pm Great Hall of the People: The Gathering of 60 Years

Introduction by CPAFFC President Mme. Li Xiaolin, Address by Chinese President Xi Jinping (see notes), and many former heads of state.

International Guest Speakers:

HRH Princess Pilolevu Tuita
, President of Tonga

Dr. Yukio Hatoyama
Former Japanese Prime Minister

Mr. Gian Franco Terenzi
Former Captain Regent of San Marino

Mr. Jean Ping
former Chairman, African Union
Foreign Minister of Gabon

Mr. Christopher Nixon Cox
Grandson of former US President Richard Nixon

Speeches available soon on website: www.cpaffc.org.cn

4:30 pm Presentation and photographs of FCCFA 60th Anniversary gift Eskimo Carving to Strong HeQiang Zhang, Director General, American and Oceania and staff Linda Wang, Director, and Karen Ye Canadian Liaison)

Dinner and meetings with NZ, Maori and Australian Friendship Associations

May 16: Breakfast meeting with NZ Association 8am-1pm: “60 Unforgettable Years” - Live taping at impressive new CCTV studios of CCTV Special Program with International guest speakers



Confucius: “Isn’t it a pleasure to have friends from afar
”60 tumultuous years. China’s way: “Repay kindness of a drip of water with a river.”
Friendship: fund, force for mutual trust and equality, cooperation, goodwill, prosperity of all countries with a shared destiny.
China’s Path: Reform and development. Aim for:
- double 2010 GDP by 2020
- strong democratic society by mid 21st century. Dream: work with other cities to realize their dream.
“The ocean is big because all rivers enter it.”
Aim to have 21st ‘maritime’ silk road
Promote: Cultural exchanges, more open, broad perspective.
China threat? Views and opinions: misconceptions, deep bias against China. Nation is peace-loving, concept of harmony deep seated.
Man/nature/countries, morality, kindness, amity. 5000 year history.
Seek peace going forward. Warlike states will perish.
Modern history: tragic. Resistance is needed to stay alert against war.


Sincere appreciation for support of international representatives.
She has been involved with CVPAFFC since 1954 on CP committee for World Peace.
Before that in 1946 Mao TseTung interview with US Edgar Snow outlined importance of official friendship organization ties.
Important first friends, notably Rev Lause, Norman Bethune, support against Japanese aggression
.Early PRC present task: advocate peace. 1955 Hellsinki Peace Conference.
Painting Ode to Peace created, oppose war. Ping Pong diplomacy. 1973 Chou Enlai established first sister city links
.Now 157 countries, it has never stopped. Sister cities: over 2106 pairs in 133 countries.
60 years of peace and development. War and aggression cause turmoil, Chinese people seek peace
.1986 CPA 1st Earth Run.
2005 Anti-fascist activities continue.

Click HERE for a very interesting celebrity encounter during Sheila and Michael's visit.

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